Henrik Wieland, Healthcare Industry Leader, IBM Global Business Services

Henrik Wieland, Associate Partner, Healthcare Industry Leader, IBM Global Business Services

Henrik Wieland is an Associate Partner in IBM Global Business Services responsible for the healthcare industry in Denmark. As healthcare industry leader in Denmark, Henrik is overall responsible for the business and delivering services on existing contracts as well as leading the healthcare consultant practice.

Clients served include the Danish governmental regions and hospitals, the healthcare related national agencies like The National Health Agency, the National Board of eHealth and other organizations.

Key focus areas for Henrik and his team are:

  • Care coordination and telehealth
  • Digital hospitals
  • Clinical logistics
  • eHealth transformation

Presentation title: Belief, Motivation and Access – Changing Lifestyle with Technology.

For an increasing number of people inactivity is becoming a significant health risk, contributing to low levels of fitness and mobility, diminished cardiovascular performance, and weight gain. The benefits of regular exercise, even of low intensity, are now well understood, with potential improvements to physical, mental and social health. Meanwhile the consumer electronics boom of the past decade is generating innovative new devices and related services which are giving us the ability to monitor activity and record calorie intake, and providing some with the extra motivation to achieve health and fitness gains. What can these technologies actually deliver, and how might they be harnessed by healthcare systems to improve population health? The recent trends and latest innovations will be explored.