Sheena Wright, NHS 24 (Scotland)

Sheena Wright, Director of Nursing and Care, NHS24 (Scotland, UK)

As Director of Nursing and Care, Sheena provides professional clinical leadership to all NHS 24 Nurses and frontline staff, ensuring that the highest standards of person centred telehealth and telecare services are developed and delivered to the people of Scotland.  Sheena is responsible for the delivery of safe and effective Clinical and Care Governance disciplines, systems, and processes within NHS 24, including the Patient Safety Programme and the NHS Scotland Quality Strategy.

Sheena has considerable experience in senior nursing and management roles and has held a variety of nursing posts in hospital and community settings, as well as in Higher Education and in a joint post with Glasgow City Council.  Her most recent roles have been as Director of Nursing & Midwifery with NHS Borders, Interim Nurse Director / Chief Operating Officer with NHS Western Isles and within the Scottish Government Health Department as Nursing Officer, firstly with a responsibility for Vulnerable Adults and later as Nursing Officer for Children, Vulnerable Families and Early Years.

Sheena was a member of the Nursing & Midwifery Council from 2002-2007 and has been an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Glasgow since 2000.

Presentation title: Delivering top quality health and care services through digital channels –
A national strategy

NHS 24 is Scotland’s national provider of Telehealth Services.
Scotland has adopted a strategy of using all available digital channels to underpin service redesign and safeguard face-to-face services. The presentation will explain the thinking behind Scotland’s strategy and use examples to challenge existing thinking in the delivery of health and care services.