Speakers at the pre-congress

Here you can read about the speakers at the pre-congress Innovative Solutions for the Challenges of Future Health Care and their presentations. Click on the photos for more information.

The pre-congress was facilitated by Peder Jest, CMO, Odense University Hospital:
Pre-congress Welcome – Jest, Peder
Pre-congress Conclusion – Jest, Peder

International trends and tendencies:

Kevin Dean – Managing Director, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Cisco IBSG

Kevin Dean is the Managing Director of Healthcare & Life Sciences in Cisco’s global strategy consultancy, the Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG). His team works with health and care organisations, public sector leaders and major Life Sciences corporations all over the world.

Powerpoint presentation:
The role of technology in the development and evolution of health and care systems of the future – Dean, Kevin

Sheena Wright – Director of Nursing and Care, NHS24 (Scotland, UK)

Sheena Wright is the Director of Nursing and Care, and thus provides professional clinical leadership to all NHS 24 Nurses and frontline staff, ensuring that the highest standards of person centred telehealth and telecare services are developed and delivered to the people of Scotland.

Powerpoint presentation: Delivering top quality health and care services through digital channels – A national strategy – Wright, Sheena

Henrik Wieland – Healthcare Industry Leader, IBM Global Business Services

Henrik Wieland is an Associate Partner in IBM Global Business Services responsible for the healthcare industry in Denmark. As healthcare industry leader in Denmark, Henrik is overall responsible for the business and delivering services on existing contracts as well as leading the healthcare consultant practice

Powerpoint presentation: Belief, Motivation and Access – Changing Lifestyle with Technology – Wieland, Henrik, IBM

Jacob Bangsgaard – Director General of Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), Region I

Jacob Bangsgaard is Director General of FIA Region I and responsible for the mobility activities of the FIA in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa supporting the 106 automobile clubs in the region from the Region I headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

Powerpoint presentation: Using intelligent technological solutions to combat the global epidemic of Road Traffic Accidents – Bangsgaard, Jacob
The video shown in the presentation can be seen here

National solutions

Telemedicine – a possibility for women who are discharged early after childbirth?
Authors: PhD student Dorthe Boe Danbjørg, Dr PH professor Lis Wagner, Dr. Med Jane Lyngsø and PhD Jane Clemensen. Dorthe.Boe.Danbjoerg@rsyd.dk

Read the abstract here: Dorthe Boe Danbjørg – Abstract

A faster Track to Diagnosis – needs for coping and support.
Authors: Kamila Adellund Holt, Ph.d. – stud., Ole Mogensen, Professor, DMSc. Kamila.Holt@rsyd.dk.

Read the abstract here: Kamila Adellund Holt – Abstract NOCOGO
See the presentation here: A faster Track to Diagnosis – needs for coping and support – Holt, Kamila

A feasibility study on the development of 3D imaging ulcer scanner.
Authors: Benjamin Schnack Rasmussen MD; Johnny Frøkjær MD;Knud Yderstraede MD, PhD. University of Southern Denmark, Department of Endocrinology, Odense, Denmark. benjamin.rasmussen@rsyd.dk

Read the abstract here: Benjamin Rasmussen – Abstract NOCOGO

Use of eHealth in the communication with patients about prenatal diagnosis. An intervention study in clinical innovation carried out in a highly specialized unit for obstetrics.
Authors: M. M. SKJOETH 1, C. D. PEDERSEN 2, E. DRABORG 3, H. P. HANSEN 3, J. S. JOERGENSEN 1. Mette.Maria.Skjoeth@rsyd.dk
Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Research Unit, Odense University Hospital 2LEAN and Innovation, Odense University Hospital, 3The Institute of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark.

Read the abstract here: Mette Maria Skjoeth – Abstract NOCOGO

Serious Games – The potential of using Kinect as a rehabilitation tool.
Authors: Helene Kissow, Occupational Therapist, Department of Rehabilitation, OUH; Henrik Gaunsbæk, Department of Innovation, OUH. Henrik.gaunsbaek@rsyd.dk

Read the abstract here: Kissow & Gaunsbaek – Abstract NOCOGO
See the presentation here: Serious Games – The potential of using gaming technology – Kissow, Helene & Gaunsbæk, Henrik